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Sign Post Pros Agrees To:

1. Execute all complete and accurate orders within two business days if received by 4:00 p.m. (weather permitting) *Monday through Friday*, with the exception of Holidays. Addresses falling outside of the general service area may require additional time.

2. Send a confirmation email when order is received, followed by a 2nd email when order is complete.

3. Follow all instructions from customer concerning placement of post. If specific placement instructions are not given, installers will use their best judgment. Once installed, a request to move a post will result in a $10.00 service charge.

4. Follow instructions from customer regarding underground systems including such items as sprinklers and invisible fences. It is the responsibility of customer to notify Sign Post Pros of any underground systems, as Sign Post Pros is not responsible for any damage to underground systems unless notified of its presence prior to installation/removal of post.

5. Require that agent, homeowner or tenant, due to safety concerns, not remove a post. Sign Post Pros is not responsible for any damage to property or self if any other person other than a Sign Post Pros team member removes the post.

6. Stock panels or riders for any agent that wishes to utilize our warehouse storage facility for FREE.

Customer Agrees To:

1. Provide Sign Post Pros with complete and accurate information at time of order including addresses, directions, cross streets, and preferred location of post. All orders will include a telephone number for agent for direct contact (such as a cell phone).

2. Advise Sign Post Pros on use of personal panel or rider, including name and phone number on panel.

3. Provide special instruction for entering restricted properties. This included gates code, or notification to gate security.

4. Provide site markers for vacant land and construction sites or at the request of Sign Post Pros. Markers include stakes with flags and temporary (step-in) signs.

5. Ensure that all guidelines of homeowners associations regarding placement of post are followed. Charges still apply if a post must be removed due to violation of association rules.

6. Reimburse Sign Post Pros for any lost, damaged or stolen post and/or stake, or brochure box rented from Sign Post Pros, including acts of nature and vandalism.

7. Remit balance due within 10 days (For accounts paying by check. All other accounts are charged to a credit card once installation has taken place). A late fee of $20 is assessed for each month of non-payment or partial payment. Delinquent accounts are subject to post removal without prior notification.

8. To notify Sign Post Pros of the expiration or closing date for each of your listings in your account. Posts on listings that expire will be removed only upon request. If in the event client fails to request a post to be removed and the post cannot be recovered, client will be charged a lost or missing post fee. There is a charge of $20.00 for posts in use longer than 9 months.